Grandpa Federico

Federico Serrani was a self-taught craftsman and philosopher, born in the Marches, in Italy, at the end of the 19th century. Curious and brisk worker, he often dispensed advice to friends and customers from his book collection. Federico was curious like Jules Verne and explorer of the soul like Emilio Salgari. When we thought of the right name, it was natural to dedicate our business to him. Each collection, precisely in the name of this dedication, is inspired by a book from its collection or an author it would have loved.

Her story is intertwined with that of her granddaughter Stefania, a contemporary traveler, eager to bring the family traditions back to life by projecting them into today’s world, with an eye to the practicality and real use of the products according to the needs of artists, photographers, professionals always connected , who do not want to give up a unique quality and a sober and feminine but not affected aesthetic, even at work.


Federico Serrani
Borse artigianali Federico Serrani

100% Made in Italy

All Federico Serrani products are designed, conceived and built in Italy, thanks to a team made up of designers, photographers, digital professionals and craftsmen. The company’s headquarters are located in the Marche region, in one of the most famous districts in the world for footwear and leather goods.


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