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Desert, deserts

17 June 2024

by Jasmina Trifoni   The Desert of the Tartars, which gives the title to the most famous novel by one of our great 20th-century authors, Dino Buzzati, cannot be found on a geographical atlas. That desert – where the soldiers barricaded in the Fortress of the novel await the enemy invasion expected to appear from […]

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Disheveled Notes on the Sixtieth Venice Biennale (and a Photographic Appendix)

26 April 2024

by Jasmina Trifoni     Over ten years ago, at the Musée du Quai Branly in Paris, I saw an exhibition that had a profound impact on me. The title was ‘Human Zoos – The Invention of the Savage’, and through photographs, video materials, and objects, it recounted the time from the late nineteenth century […]

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The truth, please, about love

20 January 2024

by Jasmina Trifoni    The title of this post is borrowed from a collection of poems written in the 1930s by the immense Irish poet W.H. Auden. There are just ten of them and each is so distinct from the others that it can only be described as shocking. At the two extremes, there is […]

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The smart (and artificial) bestiary of Pablo Corral Vega

21 November 2023

by Jasmina Trifoni   I have spent entire nights discussing with Sydney (the name of the chatbot of Microsoft Bing’s intelligent search engine, Ed.) the parallels between the Renaissance and the advent of artificial intelligence. But I never forgot for a moment that I was having a conversation with a monster, an entity from another […]

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Stories of three photographs that made history

28 September 2023

by Jasmina Trifoni   To be beautiful – or rather, good – a photograph must have an absolute and essential quality. It must speak for itself. It doesn’t need to be explained because it already contains everything within it. To capture attention and evoke feelings – a whole universe of positive or negative emotions – […]

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Twins in photography

30 August 2023

by Jasmina Trifoni    Diane Arbus – Identical Twins, Roselle, New Jersey, 1967 At first glance, it’s simply a photograph of identical twins posing innocently with their eyes turned to the camera. But, if you stop to look at it – and it cannot happen otherwise, because it has something hypnotic – the image creeps […]

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From selfie to sublime

30 July 2023

by Jasmina Trifoni   mikeyk has 4.7 million followers on Instagram. As a photographer he’s not that great, and the subjects aren’t that interesting what post. There are several photos of his dog, of his favorite foods (above all, the Nutella crêpe wins), even of the packet of antacid pills he takes after he’s overindulged […]

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European Photography 2023

11 May 2023

by Alessandra Lanza Punctual as every year, this spring has brought with it a new edition of the European Photography Festival in Reggio Emilia, one of the most pleasant and interesting events in the sector – which, not surprisingly, won the 2022 edition of the Lucie Awards in New York as the best Photo Festival […]

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Worst view in the world

10 April 2023

by Jasmina Trifoni Thanks to the basilica built on the spot that Christian tradition identifies as the grotto of the birth of Jesus, Bethlehem has the primacy of the only tourist destination (mass, in a certain sense) of the occupied territories of Palestine. But – crowded into the buses arriving from Jerusalem, just six kilometers […]

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They, Muholi

31 March 2023

by Jasmina Trifoni Muholi prefer not to be defined artists, but visual activists, because art is only the tool they have chosen to give visibility and empowerment to the community to which they belong. As they said in a recent interview, “ours is not a profession, but a lifestyle, 24 hours a day”. The community […]

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The legend of Eve Arnold

15 March 2023

by Jasmina Trifoni   “And what would be so special that we would be so proud of it?” was Mrs. Bessie Cohen’s cutting comment to her daughter Eve’s report “A Baby’s First Five Minutes” for Life magazine. Yet those images, which – taken in the maternity ward of a Long Island hospital – tell the […]

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6 questions to…Alberta Romano

1 March 2023

by Alessandra Lanza, aka @ale_lanza Alberta Romano is an art historian and curator of contemporary art, she is 31 years old and has been living and working in Lisbon for almost 4 years, where she curates the exhibition program of the Kunsthalle Lissabon, one of the most interesting non-profit art institutions on the European scene. […]

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Giacomelli and Le Marche

7 November 2022

In recent weeks we have heard about the Marches above all for the tragedy that hit them in the form of a flood, devastating the territory and the lives of the inhabitants. The photographs should never be reread or bent to meanings, but if we think of one of Mario Giacomelli’s first photographs, that of […]

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